Thursday, July 11, 2013

She says he is NICE

I like the phrasing here. It's as if Myrna is delivering cupcake's from CRUMB'S! No word on what the plan is--are they all going to happy hour together or what? 

Use of the term "test drive" further corroborates my working theory that certain (all?) ELLENWatch commenters of questionable provenance are in fact Ellen. I don't know whether to be proud or humiliated...though you'd think that after over a year at the helm of this blog I'd have mastered the unique combination of both feelings.

I agree with KPadi. While the manageing partner never praise’s my work output PER SE, he alway’s is very complementeary of my billeing OUTPUT, which to me is the same thing, b/c if I did NOT churn out the breif’s and do the work and go to court and settel case’s, I would not be abel to BILL all of my CLEINT’s for it! So to me it is ultamately the SAME thing! YAY!!!!
Myrna is bringing a guy over to me after work today –Sam — who she works with. Sam is a SVP, 30 year’s old and want’s children right away. She says he is NICE, but I will NOT do anything sexueal with him without a ring, at least an engageament ring, so if he is looking for a test drive, its NO. First the ring I told MYRNA. NO RING, no Test. FOOEY on men like Alan who all he did was test drive. No more of that. NO WAY. Am I right or what? FOOEY!

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