Friday, July 26, 2013

she backed up into a building at Rosevelt Field

Yay! OPEN THREAD’s! I love Open Thread’s! But I do NOT own a car b/c I live in the City!!!!
Dad is thrilled b/c he saves alot of money by NOT haveing for me to buy insurance so all I have is COOP insureance, and he know’s the guy who sells insurance so we get a GREAT deal. Mom had a few accident’s with her car and if my dad did NOT know the guy, our rate’s would have gone UP UP UP, dad says. He was mad at mom b/c she backed up into a building at Rosevelt Field and it damaged the trunk of her SUV.
Now Dad had it fixed for $4000 I think and it look’s like new. He makes mom signal whenever she gets into the car even before she starts backing up now out of the driveway! It makes NO sense to me, but Mom says she does it to shut dad up.
This weekend Myrna (who has a car — YAY) is takeing me to Pyramus b/c there is a BIG sale goeing on for shoes and there is so many places there we get lost. With her car, we carry everything back to the City! YAY!
Sam said he would like to see New Jersey, but this is strictley a girl’s day out trip we told him so he will have to tag along some other time.
Hope everyone in the HIVE has a great weekend. I am goieng to press dad to tell me what the result’s of his report said, even tho it is suposedley CONFIDENTIAL! FOOEY!

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  1. Has anyone actually spotted Ellen? For all we know, she could be an 8 year old girl with no.breasts!