Thursday, July 11, 2013

it was NOT there Aniversary

Ellen is about to propose a salary advance for MP in order to cover his wife's recent jewelry binge. Margie's certainly been known to have expensive taste + irresponsible shoppeing habit's before, but this tab is quite impressive even in context. I say she's probably bored or, given the quality of her husband and his usual behavior, vengeful. 

The word "fooey" continues to be placed in the mouths of just about every character in the story.

I LOVE ZARA, and the navy color, but am NOT crazy about the green color, except mabye on Saint Paddy’s Day, when everyone can be IRISH! YAY!!!!!
The manageing partner came in mad today b/c he got into a fight with Margie. She evidenteally spent alot of money at the Manhasset Mall (suposedly over $8,000) and he said that he did NOT want to be payeing all of those charge card interest rates.
I told him that he should look into a home equity loan b/c they are only chargeing about 4.5% interest, and that is alot less then the rates that the credit card companie’s charge. He said he told Margie to bring back the jewelery she bought b/c it was NOT there Aniversary. She said he could aford it b/c he ran the firm. I think she told him FOOEY!
Frank could alway’s give him a salary advance like Frank gave me when I moved out of my old apartement (with the bug’s) b/c I had to replace alot of my warderobe b/c I did NOT want the bug’s to travel to my new apartement. That was over $3000, which I paid back out of payroll deducteion. That is a good idea, Myrna said, and she told me to tell that to the manageing partner and Frank. I am already thinkeing like a partner, to do the right thing and compromise. I can’t wait to be a partner and get MARRIED! YAY!

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