Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I NEVER see Gluten on any menu I have ever eaten

Sam's dietary restrictions just keep piling up. He must have a VERY high-fiber diet, and all that comes with it. I like the direct quote below in P. 3, however. Make's him seem reel!

This is a very cute suit, and the model even look’s a littel like ROSA! I have to send her the hypolink to this page! Ed will be also very happy to see that peeople who look like Rosa get great modelling jobs, but I do NOT know his email address. YAY!!!
Sam texted me to see if I want to go eat tonite. Of course I can eat, but he told me he also does NOT like to eat Gluten. I asked what that was, b/c I NEVER see Gluten on any menu I have ever eaten, and he went into some big expeleanation about grains and stuff, and now I do NOT think he can even eat Italian food, unless it is just salad’s and fruit’s. FOOEY!
Myrna says give him a chance b/c he told Myrna he has NEVER met a girl like me before. I think that is b/c he JUST came here from the UK 1 year ago, even tho he has been workeing in their LONDON office for 8 year’s. He is so excited about the Royal Baby. I told Him I want a baby and told him about Grandma Leyeh. I nearly hit the FLOOR when he said “well, we will see what we can do about that, Luv..” OMG, I wonder if he will be my baby’s daddy!!!???
The manageing partner keep’s pestering me to see if I can get busness from him. I told him PLEASE, give me time! He is VERY imatent and think’s Sam will get away, like some kind of fish that needs to be realed in Quickley. FOOEY on that. I would like to real him in as my HUSBAND, even if he does NOT throw the manageing partner $500K of busness! FOOEY!


  1. Ellen does not realize that Gluten is a by-product of food processing, but not an item that one finds on a menu.

    1. Hence my decision to use this statement as the post's title. Along with the suggestion that one usually eats a menu.