Tuesday, July 23, 2013

to throw us some billeable’s without scareing him off

What well-known bank or fund do Sam and Myrna work for, you think? 

Note that the amount MP expects Ellen to bring in from Sam exceeds the amount Leyeh has promised her for getting married and pregnant by a factor of ten. Many conflicting interests are at play here...

I keep all of my stuff in the big lit bag that I carry around, even in the summer! It look’s clunky, but I am getting excercize carrying it around all day, so that is a good thing, Dad says.
The manageing partner is getting antzy b/c Sam is busy texteing me, but I am NOT “parlayeing that into busness” for the firm. The manageing partner says I MUST put aside socializing for business and he think’s I can squeeze $500K per year out of Sam’s company, even tho it is a famous company. I have to figure out HOW I can get Sam to throw us some billeable’s without scareing him off. I think I will ASK Myrna, but does anyone in the HIVE have any sugestion’s for me? HELP! I am a partner, but am NOT abel to think like one, YET! FOOEY!

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