Sunday, July 14, 2013

get over their lonleeness

I agree with the other poster’s here. You have to make a choice. You should NOT cheat. Either have an exclusive releationship with the guy long distance, or NOT. You should NOT be dateing other’s b/c that will cause you to lie to your b/f, and also the guy’s you are casueally dateing will be hopeing that they will be abel to have sex with you so they will do alot more for you then if you were just out as freind’s.
I think alot of men do this to us, say they are just going out with the guy’s, when they are tryeing to see if any other women will do more then casueally date them. I know lots of women who’s guy’s said this but were busy with women who helped them get over their lonleeness and had oral sex with them. I would NOT trust a guy who doe’s this. FOOEY!
Dont get me started on that b/c there were many guy’s who wanted to have sex with me but when I said NO WAY, they said OK, just oral sex then, b/c that is not sexueal intercourse. I disagreed b/c while I agreed and know it is not sexueal intercourse, I did NOT want to have to do that with their weenie’s b/c I did NOT even know them. FOOEY on that!
I think we women should be honorable, and not play those games. It is fine to do thing’s with your boyfreind other then sexueal intercourse, but these guy’s are not even your boyfreind, and it is not good to lead them on and give them oral sex when you already have a boyfreind for that. Mabye the L/D thing is to much b/c you do NOT sound comitted to him. Tell him you are not able to be exclusive, then you can do thing’s with men and not feel guilty.

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