Wednesday, July 31, 2013

before I go to seed, he say’s.

Well done, Susie. Notice that Sam's (British) accent is considered a negative that needs to be weighed against pros such as his income and ardent pursuit of Ellen.

This is what my dad keep’s telling ME! I am NOT goieng to get any better, just worse, so I need to land a guy and get MARRIED right away, before I go to seed, he say’s. Even Grandma Leyeh is pusheing me hard to get MARRIED, but I will NOT settel for any schlub. Sam is kind of OK, but he has an accent and he pick’s his nose. I will NOT go through life cleaning up after him when he pick’s his nose. I may be crazy for saying that b/c he make’s alot of money and seem’s to be VERY interested in me, but I have been fooled before with Alan, who turned out to be a no-good drunk who used me for sex and that is about it. I will NOT submit to a man just b/c he has alot of money if he has disgusting habits, and I do NOT even know what else is bad about him yet. FOOEY!
But I will NOT ruele him out, b/c Dad and Leyeh keep telling me my tuchus is not goeing to get any smaller, and my looks will ONLEY fade with time. FOOEY! I still am pretty good, tho I am NOT as cute as Rosa, but then again, I do NOT think I ever was.
As long as men keep stareing at me, I figure I am still OK. YAY!!
  • Don’t settle for a nose-picker; you are soon going to either make partner or be a judge so you can do better than that!

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