Thursday, July 25, 2013

I think it sound’s FOOEY

So Dad's final report on the workings of Manageing & MANAGEING LLP is now complete? My first thought is, that was fast! I want to know what he billed, to be done so quickly when I expected him to drag out this "consulting" gig for years. Next, of course: what did he recommend? Will MP capitulate? If so, what are the impliceation's for Ellen?

I vote Ellen goes to the Hamton's with Sam and borrows a one-piece from dowdy ol' mom if necessary. Since the tuchus definitely comes from that side of the family.

Recall that Adam is David's rocker roommate, interested in Myrna for a time in fall 2012.
Great Dress! But not with my tuchus this week!
As for the OP, and her batheing suit issue, I have kind of a similar issue, tho it’s not from haveing kids. My over sizedtuchus is a family legacy, from MOM’s side, dad says, and Grandma Leyeh agrees I did NOT get it from the Barshevsky’s. I have been invited to the Hamton’s by Sam, but my tuchus is to big for my bikini, and I have a 1 piece Speedo, but even that is tight. I do NOT want to ruin my chance’s with Sam if he see’s all of me hanging out of a bikini, tho my top is VERY flatering. If ONLEY I could keep his eye’s ABOVE my waste, I would be fine, but men tend to look below the belt b/c that is where they ALWAYS go once we start dateing. FOOEY!
Dad e-mailed the manageing partner his report. He has a SCANNER at home so he sent a PDF in. I want a scanner for my birthday so that I can do that too, but dad says I do NOT need it. I would like to scan in magazine articels so that I do NOT have to keep the paper copies. I have about 3 inches worth of Marie Claire articels that I have saved and now Grandma Leyeh gave me a book of recipe’s that I have to try. Sam keep’s texteing me and he has a place we should eat that is GLUTEN FREE VEGGGAN in Brooklyn. I think it sound’s FOOEY, and Brooklyn reminds me of Adam (doubel FOOEY), but I will try it. I wish he was a meat eater and we could go to PETER LOUGER’s! That is also over there some where, and that I can eat! YAY!!!!

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