Thursday, July 11, 2013

think I am some ONE’s PARALEGAL

This kind of satire might be funnier if any of these complaints was at all far-fetched or exaggerated. Corporette readers may recall that Kat shared she was initially thinking of naming her blog "Get Your Own Damn Coffee"...

It almost makes you long for gray hairs and crow's feet. (But then would I just be taken for someone's mom coming along to court or something?)

Yes, this hapens to me alot, in court all the court clerk’s think I am some ONE’s PARALEGAL, but NEVER an attorney at LAW, and counsel of RECORD for the defendant/respondent. Just b/c we are women why cant they figure it out? We go to law school, get JD’s, and take the BAR!
What do they think, that we did all that to get some smelley guy coffee and muffin’s? OF COURSE NOT! We have to SIEZE the power we have and to LET men know that we are all JD Profesional’s and we are ADMITTED to the BAR. FOOEY!
Even Alan, my ex, who was ONLEY a BS/CPA tried to put me down and make me make him coffee and get food for him b/c he was to busy to be bothered. We should NEVER let men consider us as their hand servant’s. We are BETTER THEN EQUAL to MEN. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Myrna realy puts down men who try to mess with her head at work. She is very pretty so the men think she is dumb. But she is smart and they wind up lookeing dumb when she show’s them up in front of their manageing director’s! YAY MYRNA!!!!!

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