Monday, July 8, 2013

I wanted to tell the HIVE that Margie made Potatoe salad

We have a history of potatoe-salad related compleceations at MP's parties. Meanwhile, in case anyone was getting all carried away thinking about how kind and dashing Ed sounded/that Rosa really made a catch/that the Barshevsky family (by marriage) included at least one passable adult...the dream is over. Like his father-in-law, Ed apparently critiques women's sedentary habits out of concern for tuchus growth.

I hope my husband to be (whoever he is) will be suportive of ME staying at home to care for our children. I know that I will be a GREAT mom b/c I am already a great Aunt. Dawn alway’s like’s it when I come by, even if I do NOT bring cupcake’s. Rosa has forbid me to bring them b/c she want’s Dawn to grow up slim, and Rosa spends to much time on her I PAD already, Ed says.
I wanted to tell the HIVE that Margie made Potatoe salad, but b/c it was so hot out, we did NOT eat it b/c it was sitting on the deck for 1/2 hour while we ate other thing’s. Mom did NOT want to have diarea, and she has a VERY sensitive stomach. Dad did NOT like the look’s of it b/c there were some black thing’s in there, even tho Margie said it was Pepper. The manageing partner ate it and he did NOT have any after effect’s, and he is here today, barkeing orders to Lynn to do thing’s. Frank is mad that he was NOT invited to the party, but it was not suposed to be anyone else. The manageing partner is haveing a firm party for cleint’s later, and he is welcome to come then.
The manageing partner said I could bring Myrna, b/c I think he want’s me to get there company in as a cleint. They do Financeaial Stuff, so I am NOT sure I can do much of that, other then Loan Agreement’s! YAY!!!!!

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