Tuesday, July 30, 2013

even if it is onley worth $5-10,000

Again the confusion of carrots with karats. It seems she takes pain to make sure that in most cases the wrong word is used. Here's just the latest instance of the reverse effect from what we see below.

Grandma Leyeh, remember, has also offered Ellen $50k to get married and pregnant within her specified time window. Thus we can see the ring thrown in as a bonus, though to my knowledge there's no time constraint associated with that component of the deal.

Grandma Leyeh offered to give me her engagement ring if I find a QUALIFIED HUSBAND to give it back to me. It is an OLD Style ring, but it is about 2 carrots in size, and is suposedly of top clarity so it’s worth mabye $25,000 she say’s b/c it is in a platinum setteing. I have mixed feeling’s. On the one hand, I would LIKE to be traditional, and wear Grandma Leyeh’s ring, but on the OTHER HAND, I love new thing’s and want for my HUBBY to buy me a NEW RING of MY CHOICE, even if it is onley worth $5-10,000, at least it is NEW!
I like Tiffany’s and DeBeer’s and I like the new, LOWER diamond setteings, and her’s is the OLD style, HIGHER setting. I also do NOT want to have to pay for $25,000 of insureance on that ring, and have to wear it in the smelley subway where it can get lost.
I hope I do NOT sound to pushy, but Sam has alot of money so if I do decide to marry him, I would like for HIM to give me a nice ring when we get ENGAGED. YAY! The onley issue I know that make’s me worry is that he is a NOSE PICKER, and I am NOT sure I can live with a guy who does that. FOOEY!

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