Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I still think it is goeing to be tight

Is HAROLD goeing to be around the Hamton's for the fourth? Remember what happened last year

Yay!!! Fruegel Wednesday’s! I love fruegel Wednesday’s! Does this mean Kat is goeing to be off for Fruegel Friday! She is entitled to be off, so enjoy the holiday, Kat!!! And to the rest of the hive also. Happy Holiday!!!!!
Regarding the OP, I live about an hour away from my parent’s on LI, and it is sometime’s difficult b/c I want to be in the City, and they want me home for a meal or something. But also there are times that I want them to visit ME in the City, and they are usueally to busy to come in. Dad comes in b/c of work now, but also b/c he is gifteing me the co-op and as long as he is still listed on the paper’s, he consider’s himself the OWNER of the coop and he bosses peeople around.
Dad is here today, and he is takeing me back to LI this afternoon for a LONG weekend and a visit tomorrow to the HAMTON’s with MOM and we get to go on a boat with the manageing partner and Margie! YAY!!!!!
I hope there is good food, b/c I have been starveing myself to get thin enough to fit into my batheing suit. I still think it is goeing to be tight, but FOOEY if it is. No one will see me other then these peeople.
So I wish the HIVE a great 4th of July, and please stay safe!!!! Do NOT text and drive!!!! YAY!!!!!

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  1. Anyone but Harold! That guy was a loser but probably has broken a few women's hearts (and hymens) this past year. Let's keep him away from Ellen.