Friday, July 19, 2013

which I am not sure is different from a Veggetarrian

Sam just keeps getting more and more interesting. It has come to my attention that Dad may approve of him all the more based on his veganism, as it might encourage Ellen to cut back on some key tuchus-enhancing foods. 

Not much sense here of whether Sam and Myrna's employer is indeed going to become a client for the firm or not, but of course we can be glad that Sam isn't scared away (yet) and Myrna is going to supervise tonight's date as well. 

Yay! Open thread’s! I love Open thread’s! And I LOVE these Michael Kors’ Shoe’s! YAY!!!!
As for the OP, You have NOTHING to worry about. Clerking will be a great intro into Big Law. I never clerked or worked in Big Law, but have read ALL ABOUT Both. Relax, but do NOT forget to work hard. No one care’s what you used to do. What is important is what you will be abel to do today and tomorrow! The manageing partner taught me all of this!
And OMG, today’s lunch was HYSTEREICAL! The manageing partner brought Margie, who did NOT want to be there b/c she had wanted to meet her OWN FREINDS in the City at 40 Karat’s, but the manageing partner insisted that she meet Sam and Myrna as potential new firm cleints. So we all met at the Lambs Club and it turn’s out that Sam is a VEGGAN, which I am not sure is different from a Veggetarrian. He couldn’t have anything with meat or eggs or even Cheeze! How am I suposed to cook for a guy who does NOT even eat Cheeze? If we went out for Italian, Myrna says he eats salad and pasta primavera with ONLY marina sauce but NOT any kind of creme sauce. Since he comes from Great Britan, why doesnt he eat meat pie? So he ate alot of salad and NO dressing and bread but NO butter, and he had fruit for desert but NO cake b/c there was butter in the cake. He could turn out to be a bigger pain than dad, and I am NOT even married to him yet! OMG!
The manageing partner liked him and he kept OFFERING me up to him like some sort of FRINGE benefit if he gives us BUSNESS. I told the manageing partner that I did NOT want to do ANTITRUST law, but the manageing partner kept saying that I can do anything and he even told him about the case with Jim, and all about the HSR fileing, which I thought was suposed to be confidentieal.
So we left and just got back, and Sam said he still wanted to see me so he is goeing to text me tonite and mabye meet WITHOUT the manageing partner. I told him I was busy with Myrna, so he said she can come too. YAY!!!!!!!


  1. Ellen needs to focus on the positive, not the negatives. She should snare this man while she still has her looks and presumed sensuality that lured the MP in, as well as the parade of others. If she can be alluring in 100 degree heat while the rest of us are festering, Sam should be easy prey, since they both want kids right away. It's not a sin in my book for Ellen to take Sam home, and if magic should happen, Ellen can get the $50,000 from the grandma, and pick up a husband at the same time.

    But again, she must overlook any shortcomings, and concentrate on makin' bacon with him, even if he is a vegan!

    You have an in with Ellen. Tell her it's time for her to stop flapping her lips and start spreading her wings.

    1. I don't think we can assume that Ellen could become Mrs. Sam just by "accidentally" putting a bun in the oven. If such a good-looking and high-earning dude has made it this far, unmarried and seeing Myrna daily, anything is possible. If Ellen's met her match, great, but that means he probably has a grandma bonus waiting for him somewhere too--and I doubt it would reward anything unseemly.