Thursday, July 11, 2013

my deal that dad degoteaited for me

See last paragraph--isn't this exactly the congratulations you'd want from your BFF upon getting a promotion? "Good for you, but you're really still not near my level of success"? Myrna is either a fabulously good sport or exploiting her friend's obliviousness to social nuances when she suggests, here, that Ellen might someday be her boss. 

I totaly LOVE this sheath dress!!!!! The neckline is high enough that Frank will NOT be abel to stare at me!
Double Yay to the webmeister! The websight is finaly back up and running. I know how trying it can be when your IT is down. We have terible IT suport here–the IT guy come’s ONLEY when Lynn begs him to, and then he is usually busy stareing at Lynn and me instead of fixing thing’s quickly. I hope our new space will be better.
The manageing partner is lookeing at a place on West 43rd Street, and another one down here in the East 20′s. I hope we stay on the EAST side so that I do NOT have to take a BUS to work. FOOEY on the busse’s!
Myrna just got a big promotion at work. She is NOW a director! YAY! It is diferent for her b/c she was a vice president, but most peeople start there. It is alot different in LEGAL job’s, I told her. She still has along way to go if she want’s to be like I will be — a PARTNER!!!!! She is thriled for me and my deal that dad degoteaited for me. She said she would work for me some day if she get’s out of the finance industry. I think she would be great in the office. Frank might STOP stareing at me. If ONLEY!!!!! Myrna has met Frank and think’s he has some issue with his eye’s. I agreed. I said they alway’s focus on our boobies! FOOEY on that!

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