Thursday, July 11, 2013

I stop by Fairway’s and buy some Gaspackho

Interesting that Ellen reiterates here that being married = no more worries about gaining weight, even though just the day before she shared with us that her glamorous non-wage-earning younger sister is being hounded by her husband about her tuchus size

Since I am just buying food for ME, I spend alot on packaged take out food, and then alot more when I go to Fairway’s, but they have the BEST prepared food’s. Some time’s when dad is comeing by, I stop by Fairway’s and buy some Gaspackho, and he loves this in the Summer! I tell him that I made it myself, but he know’s better b/c I can NOT cook anything. At night, when Myrna wants to eat, we either GO out or call in for food. I have to learn how to be a good cook so that I will be marriageable to a guy, b/c now, I just know how to call OUT for food, or make reservation’s at a resturant. I have to convince whoever is goeing to MARRY me to think that I am a great home maker and I can whip up anything. For now, I just have a book full of MENU’s from local places.
Dad says I have to stop eateing out b/c there is to much sugar and salt in the food that head’s STRAIGHT to my tuchus. Mom says he is right and she cook’s alot. If she has a big tuchus and cook’s, there is no hope for me 30 year’s from now. FOOEY! But If I am already MARRIED, I do NOT care what my tuchus look’s like! YAY!!!!

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