Thursday, July 4, 2013

be wary of guy’s who slither up to us in bars and restrunt’s

Yet another PSA about dateing an alcoholic. But why is Ellen so confident that Alan is cheating on the new squeeze? She's never shared clear evidence that he cheated on her, though I've been waiting for it long time.

Yay! Open thread’s!!! I love HOLIDAY open thread’s!!!!!
For the OP, I think Drinkeing is some times viewed as an individeaual decision, but it REALLY has far bigger consequences when other peeople are INVOLVED. Hence it is not as simple as asking whatever work’s for YOU, but rather whatever works for ALL involved, which includes family and freind’s including in my case, a girlfreind.
When I was dateing Alan, I alway’s tried to tell him to reduce his drinkeing, but he would never hear of it. He alway’s said that he could handle his liquor, and NOT to get into his face about it. Even after he vomited, he would STILL think he was a big drinker that could take it when he realy could NOT handel his booze or wine or even BEER! In reality, lookeing back, he was just a wimpy doosh who did NOT want to admit he was a drunk who could not handel his alchochol.
Now that I am finaly free of him, I can spot a drunk a mile off, and know to veer off in the oposite direction whenever some doosh think’s he is all that and that I should be BEHOLDEN to him b/c he want’s to buy me a drink (or even dinner). If I even think a guy is a drinker, it is like he is a SMOKER, and it’s no way Hoze for me. I will leave those guys to the women who love to drink and wake up with smelley breath and a stinky guy on top of them. Not for me, no sir. I want a guy who does NOT drink, who does NOT smoke and who DOES have a steady job and who does wash the dishes after I make a good meal, and who is responsive to MY needs, both in and outside the apartement. I will marry such a person if he appear’s and wants children. Alan in retrospect was none of these, tho he did not smoke. He lost his job b/c of the drinkeing, but I still know he is out at the bars, and has a girlfreind who he is probabley cheating on, even tho he is nothing to speak of in bed.
I think drinkeing is the WORST thing for peeople and women like us, who are profesional’s should alway’s be wary of guy’s who slither up to us in bars and restrunt’s and want to buy us drink’s or sliders. We want the real thing, not a drunk who just wants to slobber all over us in bed and then walk away. FOOEY on that! DOUBEL FOOEY!
But enough about this. Dad and I are taking the 4:37 home tonite so I have to leave now b/c dad wants a good seat, away from the “honey can” (which is the toilet). This time of year, he says it stinks to high heven b/c of the peeople not flusheing or the LIRR not emptyeing the toilet’s but once a week. I don’t want to sit there either. That is a real FOOEY!
So everyone have a safe weekend and have fun on the 4th of July! YAY!!!!!!

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  1. A woman knows when her ex is cheating and like scat with a sixth sense can divine the same after meeting his new squeeze. Given Alan's past abuse of Ellen it is hard to imagine his being true to some average looking girl however well meaning she may be. Alan is likely not much different than most guys who with a little alcohol in them will not hesitate to poke the nearest willing female. And most women on the lookout for a mate would likely find a CPA as most eligible, even if he drank a wee bit. They won't know what a slob he is until after they've invested their time, emotions, and in some cases, their innocence. witness Ellen herself as a case in point!