Thursday, July 18, 2013

and now he has invited HIMSELF to go

What a classic MP move: appointing himself company on Ellen's first date with Sam, theoretically because he wants a new cleint but also at least a bit in order to oooogle Myrna. I say Ellen gives him the wrong time or restaurant and then says oopsie-daisies a la Joan Harris to Pete Campbell this past season. 

Thank's for your observation, WriterKate. She has indeed toned town the caps in some posts of late. Mulva is part of the backup band, if y'all had not noticed already. Grammar per se really has never been the issue, and notice that the spELLEN and whimsical apostrophes are as rampant as ever.

I agree that the dress can be dizzyeing to look at, but it is cute! Rosa would look GREAT in it.
The manageing partner heard that I was going out with Myrna and Sam, and now he has invited HIMSELF to go b/c he think’s I can get business out of it. He says I need to start thinking like a partner, and he thinks we can “mine” their company for mabye $500K of billiengs per year.
He also like’s Myrna b/c she is very cute and perky, so I am not sure about him horning in on my personal life like this. There should be some sepearation between work and play no?
  • WriterKate :
    Only two caps!
    • My theory is that Ellen’s readership would prefer she try and clean up her grammatical act, and that she is so doing. I wonder what Ellenwatch thinks about all of this?

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