Monday, July 15, 2013

I should go for a schleppey guy who will not cheat on me

Again, Ellen's mom is a problem for the entire family due to lower intelligence and too many goopy globular cells clinging to her glutes. How creepily fitting, too, that her husband seems to enjoy it in intimate situations while denigrating it constantly to others.

I'll ask that Dad upload a CV for all of us to take a look at his bona fides for each of the named institutions. They're degraded today by being associated with Mr. Barshevsky--even more than is GW Law School, which Ellen describes as a trough for the refuse from better programs. FOOEY!

Dont feel bad. I did NOT do well on my SAT’s or LSAT’s or I would have gone to HARVARD or MIT or STAMFORD, Dad says, b/c he is a LEGACY at all of those place’s. Dad could pull alot of string’s but NOT with my test score’s. He blame’s mom for that b/c it was her side of the family, not the Barshevsky’s, that were NOT MENSA equavelent’s.
But I still did OK at GW, and I did Pass the NYC Bar on the FIRST try! YAY! So there is hope even if you do NOT do well. So you can still go to law school, do well and get a job. Even if you do NOT do well in school, you can at least meet a guy who is in LAW, and mabye get MARRIED to him and he will do well and you can be a SAHM, like I want to be.
So you do have options, and all is NOT bad in the world. YAY!
Now I have to deal with this Sam, who Myrna gave my cell # to. He is texteing me like crazy, b/c Myrna let him know that I am in the market to get MARRIED. He seem’s to want to be domestic, but he is a player, I think, and my dad says I should go for a schleppey guy who will not cheat on me b/f goeing for a player who will cheat on me after I get a bigger tuchus when our children are born. Again, dad points to Mom’s side of the family for the fat tuchuse’s, because Grandma Leyeh is still more svelte at her age, even tho she is entitled to have a tuchus! FOOEY, mom says, b/c Dad like’s her tuchus!
Good luck in law school! You can still go to GW! Yay!!!!

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