Friday, July 19, 2013

you are only a new name and have NOT established a repueation

Ellen advises not negotiating a starting salary, instead waiting for the additional money to fall into your lap just as the job did (due to being cute in an elevator). If this doesn't prod even the most skeptical of us to lean in, I don't know what would.

Mulva is choosing her words carefully, but I suspect she thinks Ellen needs to loosen up her mores a bit. The advice may be kind of analogous to Ellen's, translated from work to dating, come to think of it: be willing to give it up, essentially. After all, who are you? I do appreciate that Ellen's being encouraged to make MP butt out, however. Next to be booted from the stage, DAD!

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s!!!! I LOVE Fruegel Friday’s!!!!
It is also a very HOT and SWEATEY FOOEY FRIDAY in NYC. FOOEY!!!
As for this OP, Kudo’s on getting a job. In this economy it is a GREAT testement that you were abel to land the job so quickly! I onley have ONE word of advise to you at this point.
DO NOT BE TO PUSHY ABOUT MONEY at the outset. Why? B/c at this point you are only a new name and have NOT established a repueation YET. Start hard out of the gate, like a race
I was VERY happy when the manageing partner offered me a job after I bumped into him in the elevator, but did NOT negotieate a salary on day 1. He offered and I accepted. After 6 month’s I had established myself as invalueable, so when I brought up MONEY, he imediately gave me $5,000 as a raise and $10,000 as a bonus, and he also gave me the clotheing allowance!!!!
After a year, when I had my first review, he gave me another $10,000 b/c I had learned how to become a billeing MACHINE!
So if you do what I do, you can get regular raises, and then you can even become a PARTNER, and will be very sucessful if you follow my lead. YAY!!!!!!
  • Ellen, if you ever check back to read comments, make sure the MP does not screw up any chance you may have for happiness with Sam. Be careful that he is not a jerk in disguise, but do not be afraid to open yourself to the possibility of love, even before he gives you a ring.

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