Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I on the other hand am very outgoeing

Usually men are the alleged grunters. I wonder if this is more on how the women of the office tend to be cold to Ellen due to jealousy of the latter's youth, beauty, cloething allowance, and favor with MP. (4 links total; we have alot of precedent.)

It is very rude. At my firm, some times Madeline does NOT even aknoweledge me in the hall, and it is NOT like there are so many peeople around. Even when we see each other in the hall way goeing to the toilet, b/c Frank is busy using the firm toilet, she barely say’s boo to me. At best, she grunt’s and goe’s into the stall, and then grunt’s some more.
I on the other hand am very outgoeing, both to peeople in the firm as well as in the elevator. That is how I got my job, and I alway’s tell young attorney’s to be freindly so that you can get a job. There is NOTHING wrong with smileing and being nice to peeople. Just b/c we are attorney’s does NOT mean we have to be sour faced. FOOEY ON THAT!
Dad is comeing in for the last week to finalize his report to the firm. He stand’s to collect his money for onley about 25 hours of work. At an hourley rate, he is doing alot better then the rest of us. I hope his report is a good one.
He has not met Sam and I am afraid to bring him up to him b/c he is from the U.K. Dad spent a year or 2 in the UK before I was born. He never said what he was doeing there but I think he was working for the CIA or the NSA or something secret. He NEVER talks about that and mom stayed in the USA. She does NOT talk about that time either. I have to think if I should even bring up Sam, because he is a VEEGAN, and Myrna says that b/c Dad is a meat eater, he would NOT like Sam. FOOEY! What would other ladie’s in the HIVE do at this point? HELP?!

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