Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"her whole shtick is this made up character who can’t spell"

These exchanges are alway's interesting, especially as I sometimes catch myself imagining that Corporette is packed with veterans with established and hardened Ellen positions and policies. I enjoy watching readers continually interpret her in new and diverse ways. 

I think you should clerk. I did NOT clerk, but spend alot of time in front of judge’s in the WC section and at the WC board, and think that if I had clerked, I would be abel to be become a judge that much faster. I also did NOT go to a T5 school. My LSAT’s were NOT good enough for Dad to get me in to Harvard or Stanford. FOOEY, but I am now out for over 5 year’s and NO one ask’s about law school any more, just what kind of litieagation do I do.
Since you are alot like me, I will tell you to do the clerk thing, even if you loose some money for a coupel of year’s b/c you will always be abel to say you clerke’d for a judge. The judge I spend alot of time in front of has become my mentor, and I can only imageine how much better our releationship would be if I had clerked for him. Also, I would be even MORE of a WC expert then I already am, and would be a good candideate for the bench, he think’s.
I think everything I say should apply to a FEDERAL clearkship, but will defer to other’s on this b/c I do NOT know any one who ever clerked for a FEDERAL judge. I know you have to be VERY smart and at the top of your class. None of my freind’s at GW were abel to get a FEDERAL clerkship, except one guy went to the EPA, and is now MARRIED to a woman who worked at the Commerce Department. YAY!!!
  • Just a Suggestion :
    Ellen – You are a lawyer, you are active on the board, and you obviously have a lot of good advice and experience to impart to this group. Why not use proper spelling and grammar and give your honest opinions? I’m serious. Your intentional misspellings make it so that I often just ignore your posts. I’m sure you can be funny and creative without using ALLCAPS. Contribute some posts in your normal voice and I think everyone here will find you more interesting.
    • Anonymous :
      Isn’t that her whole point? Obviously she could post regular if she wanted to but her whole shtick is this made up character who can’t spell

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