Wednesday, July 3, 2013

kind of a schumuck

I wonder where in the world Myrna got this impression? And, with such words for MP, what does she have to say about Mr. Barshevsky? I like her a little bit more having heard this.

Brandon may have been disqualified as an underachiever, but we never really knew whether he was interested anyway. If he is, Ellen's continued membership and towel use at the NYSC may lead somewhere despite Myrna's disapproval. Meanwhile, we haven't heard about any matters for Jim in quite a while, but it looks like Ellen may be going back to court on his behalf sometime soon (paragraph 4). Never too late to try to wring a job offer out of that old creep, I say. The gettin' (out) is good at Manageing & MANAGEING LLP.

If my dad let me, I would also buy it. But dad has put a MOREATORIUM on all clotheing for me b/c I have to much both at home in my apartement as well as at dad’s house on LI. He said I could start a GOODWILL store with all of the clotheing I do NOT wear. But I am NOT spendeing HIS money, it is money that I earned workeing for the manageing partner! I do NOT know why he does NOT connect the dot’s!
Anyway, Myrna saw Brandon, and she think’s he is kind of wimpy. She does NOT think I should waste my time with a guy who fold’s towel’s at the NYSC. She said he has NO real carreer path, unless he want’s to get into the laundry busines’s. I guess I agree b/c I need a guy to suport me and our children, not just fold the laundry, which I am sure he is capeabel of doeing!
So I am lookeing forward to going boating with the manageing partner and Margie, with mom and dad in tow. I hope dad does NOT get into busieness discusion’s on the boat b/c it is suposed to be FUN! YAY!!!! The manageing partner said he got some fire work’s from some guy he know’s and that he is planning on blowing off the fire work’s off the boat! YAY! But I hope he knows what he is doeing. Myrna think’s the manageing partner is kind of a schumuck (but I won’t tell him that b/c he like’s Myrna).
I am fileing 3 breif’s today with the court for a Tuesday return date. They are all 3211(a)(7) motion to dismisses, and one includeing a special the statue of limitation’s defense. The guy claims he was injured on the job, and it hapened in 1983! I was still in dipers then! How can he think he has a claim 30 year’s later! FOOEY on that! I told Jim I would dispoze of this pronto! YAY!!!! I just hope Jim will NOT want to celabrate the win, but I NEVER count my chicken’s before they are hatched!!!!! YAY!!!!!

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  1. Ellen should not have to suck up to any man for a job. She has a good job, but if she must go in house, it should be with Roberta. I can't see Ellen dating any towel folder either. Why don't people boost her ego rather than put her down or let her settle for a guy who will just use her for her bank account. The last thing she needs is a mr. Mom.