Wednesday, July 17, 2013

my shorts are tight b/c it is summer

Ellen has two possible way's of landing a husband, and they're in conflict: make partner (via sedentary work) or shrink down to a Size 2. I'm still kind of excited about Sam.

Ellen :
Calm down. It is NOT helpful to drink when you are PREGNANT! And from personal experience, it is ALSO not helpful to DRINK even if you are not pregnant, or if you are a MAN. My Alan was a drunk, and he took it out on me. I can ONLEY imagine what would have happened if I had MARRIED him. I would be stuck with a drunk, trying to raise a child by myself, b/c he would be busy drinking all day. FOOEY on that!
This guy Sam has possibilitie’s! He makes a lot of money and he seems to like me. He txted me about 5x already today, and want’s to take me out to dinner THIS week. I told him I like to eat Italian or Steak, and he know’s some places. I said Friday is good b/c I am NOT going home this weekend. Dad is waiting to see if my exercise is not working b/c he think’s my tuchus is not getting any smaller. I told him my shorts are tight b/c it is summer, but he should not care if Sam does not care. Dad says I need to be in a size 2 before a guy will marry me. I said I can not get there b/c I am sitting at my desk all day. FOOEY on him.

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