Wednesday, July 17, 2013

we are a cheep doubel date

Can't wait for the recap of this trio date! Stay tuned Friday morning.

I think the BEST way to stay clean and fresh is to have a packet of WET ONE’S in my purse at all times. I have a 20 pack that I get at Dwayne Reed’s that I go thru in 2 summer days.
Dad make’s me walk to work every day b/c of my FITBIT, so of course I am sweatting when I come into work. I go RIGHT to the toilet where I change my top and wipe off with 3 wet one’s. I also towel off with a wet one down below to make sure I do NOT sweat up my dress clotheing. Then, during the day, I do NOT go far; and NO busses to Macy’s when it’s over 90% b/c the buses are even hotter. Sorry, Macy’s. Fooey on me!
When I go home, I change into short’s FIRST then walk, and I carry all of my clothe’s home in my tote. So if I am sweatting that is OK, b/c I do NOT stop, except mabye at Citrella’s or someplace to get food for dinner, and/or to work out at the NYSC if I really want to sweat. Then I go home, drop off everything and take a very HOT shower, then turn the volume down until it is ALL cold, until I am freezeing. By the time I get out, I am very refreshed and fresh, and ready to eat! Yay!
I am goeing out tomorrow nite with Sam and Myrna. I still want Myrna until I can smell this guy out and feel safe w/o her. He seem’s nice, but he can aford to pay for both of us b/c we are a cheep doubel date for Italian food on 86th! I can NOT tell dad I am eating Italian or he will go totaly BALISTICK!!!! YAY!!!

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