Thursday, July 11, 2013

I think sureley can WAVE IN to that bar

Ellen has been more consistent than usual in her career goals of late: increasingly often she says she wants to stay home with her kids. I like that a judgeship is still on the table here, however.

This reference to "Margie's ex" is interesting. Recall that Margie is the MANAGEING PARTNER's current wife. Does this mean that she, too, had at least one previous marriage? Does MP have stepchildren? 

This is a VERY pretty suit, which ROSA could look great in, if she NEEDED to work for a job. But b/c Ed work’s, she is abel to be a STAY at home MOM, where she is free to do what she want’s all day with the kid’s, and then just make’s sure she is home when ED come’s home so that she can feed and care for him. That is what I want to do when I have a child. Be a SAHM!!! YAY!!!!
But first I need a man to marry me. Myrna is goeing to line up a few guys from her place that are lookeing to have a family soon who have enough money to support the family w/o me haveing to work at all. I think that is what I want, at least until our first CHILD is about 6, then I will consider workeing PART time, mabye from home, or else doeing something in the JUDICEIAL system.
Margie’s ex’s sister is a judge in New JERSEY, and mabye she can help me. By then I think sureley can WAVE IN to that bar. I do NOT want to take another BAR exam. FOOEY! If I can be a judge there, we can move to NEW JERSEY and I can rule on case’s there. YAY!!!

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