Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a potential boyfreind / spouse that does this to his girlfreind / fiiacee?

Makes perfect sense to me! Sam is takeing proper place among the men in Ellen's life--his youth notwithstanding--by asserting totally unfounded control in unrelated areas of her life, and transacting exclusively with other men as he does it (completely over Ellen's pretty little blond head). I'm not sure Dad, MP, or even I would have thought Sam was realistic as a potential husband if he didn't pull sh!t like this. Infuriating, of course, but this narrative is infamous for its thematic continuity. 

My expert prediction is that Ellen is fine with this by COB today. Sure, I'd love to see her develop a relationship with someone who treats her like a peer, and cut off all contact with her Dad too, but this world cares nothing for my whim. 

Kat, you look great! As for the OP, personaly, b/c of my casekload, much of my vacations in the last 2 year’s are really only “not go physically into work” but stay very close to my MacBook Air all day, where I do all the same work from home. I was hopeing that I would be able to get a new lawyer hired who could assist me, and the manageing partner has been talkeing about it, but so far, he has YET to put an add in the NY Law JOURNAL for a new WC associate.
The manageing partner know’s that I am of the age that I need to have children, so he has been thinking of contingency plans, b/c I will HAVE to take off at least 6 week’s before and after I have children, once I get married, that is.
I found out that Sam called the manageing partner today and asked if he could come meet him. He did not clear this with me first, so I am a littel ticked off that I was bind sided by him. Sam says he is trying to feel out the manageing partner about potential business, but I think he should have come through me FIRST. What does the hive think about a potential boyfreind / spouse that does this to his girlfreind / fiiacee? I did NOT know where to look when the manageing partner came and told me that my freind, Sam, called about a meeting with him. OMG, the more I think about it, the more I am annoyed at Sam. FOOEY!


  1. We now know what a worm this guy is. He is playing Ellen like a violin, with his British Willy acting as the bow to Ellen's nether regions. No way should she provide him with access to her lady garden now, given his slimy behaviour. She needs a good old fashioned NY born and bred dude who will adore her for her innocence. You, Ellen watch should interview potential suitors for her. And not Anyone like Gonzalo please!!!!!

    1. The interview process began and ended with Vincent J. Kutza, Jr. So we're back where we started, namely with Dad and MP in charge.

  2. Agree with Anon. No way should let Sam or any other guy mount her without a ring. She is naive enough to believe a guy cares for her just because he says so when 99% of them say anything just to get into her pants. Witness Allen and Gonzalo and Harold for starters, with David and Jim only getting to third and second base respectively.