Saturday, August 17, 2013

and on me for being his vassal.

The pivotal issue of whether or not Alan actually does pick his nose appears to be resolved here--affirmative--but NOT to my satisfaection! I want to know how and since when Ellen "knows" this.

Ellen :
Sam keep’s talking about his Temperpedic matress, like somehow I want to sleep over! I said ONLEY with Myrna, not him, but now that I know he pick’s his nose, why in the WORLD would I want to sleep on that matress or those pillow’s knowing that there were old booger’s stuck all OVER the place? FOOEY!
Also, dad says Sam could have come out on Sunday, and then driven ME back to the City, but b/c I said no, Dad had to drive me back, b/c I did NOT want to carry the Roast Beef Mom made for me on the LIRR and then have to cab it back uptown with all my other stuff. So big deal, dad had to drive me. He could have left me off in the first place Friday nite, but he is still annoyed that he got caught in beach traffic. Not my fault, dad. Fooey back to you!
Anyway, I am still stumped over this swap stuff. It is so strange that they just did something and now want to swap it for something else? Why didn’t they just do that to begin with? Myrna says it’s easy, but I do NOT know what she is talkeing about. At times like these, I could use Alan to get the answer’s for me. Doubel Fooey b/c he would not help me now even tho I did so much for him. Fooey on him, and on me for being his vassal.
Ellen :
I did b/c I had bug’s and roaches all over the place where I rented with others (who were NOT clean) and did NOT want to bring that into my OWN new apartement. Alan said to leave everything or throw it out and we would eventualy furnish it all together. But once I moved, he did NOT want to buy anything so my dad bought everything for me. Yay dad! Fooey Alan!

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