Wednesday, August 7, 2013

with brit-bouggers all OVER it

Of course Dad was mad about the pina colada. Cheers. I like how today's first post was done in such clipped prose, as if she really was typing into an iPhone on the Metro. "Have fitbit and umbrella." Roger. 

Thank's to all for such abundant participation lately. It's always encouraging when things get a little interactive.
Yay! On Metro to DC! It’s hard to type with this! Dad was mad about the piña colada–he said I should DRINK WATER with mabye a lemon. FOOEY!
A cute guy is sitting across stareing at me but he is probabley 21 or 22. Way to young. I do NOT want to be a couger. I am going to get off at GW, then walk to the mall. Have fitbit and umbrella. Dad wants to see 15000 step’s today. FOOEY! Where is myrna when I need her!
Sam keeps texting me! I wonder how clean his iPhone screen can be with brit-bouggers all OVER it? DOUBEL FOOEY!
Mabye I will meet a guy at the hope dimond and he will marry me! I need the 50,000 from grandma Leyeh so I need to get started quickly! Yay!!
  • If I was at work today I’d metro over to Foggy Bottom to see Ellen. That seems like a long walk to the Mall, but I guess you’ll get those 15,000 steps.
    • Actually the walk from the Foggy Bottom stop to the Lincoln Memorial is pretty easy if it’s not too hot. Does that qualify?
      • I should go with you. The Canadians may have a better selection of eligibel guy’s then NYC because NYC men do not want to MARRY me, just make me have sex. FOOEY! I do not oppose sex but onley with some one who is at least engaged to me. Alan fooled me. FOOEY on men like him!
        Does the hive know if men there are marry oreinted or are they like NYC guys who just count us as another person to have sex with? Grandma Leyeh does not want me to just get pregnent to get MARRIED.
      • Houston Attny :
        Now *there* is an option. Taking Ellen with you to Montreal. The image of this makes me laugh until I shake – you and your lovely friends and batty, getting-crazier-by-the-day Ellen. Hee!
      • TO Lawyer :
        hahaha I’m not sure Canadian guys are any more eligible than American guys but Ellen is welcome to try!

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