Saturday, August 17, 2013

to think that goe’s on in the US Goverment!

I do NOT have alot more to say on this, but peeople should be there during workeing hour’s, and NOT leave early w/o permission b/c alot of thing’s come up late and if the guy leave’s early, the other peeople have to do what he should be doeing. FOOEY on that! I doubt this guy come’s in EARLY, does he? If not, I would go to the manageing partner and say that this guy is NOT stayeing around and he did NOT get permision to leave early! If the manageing partner has ANY back bone, he will counsel the employee and then put him on notice NOT to leave early.
When I was a summer intern in the goverment (in DC), there was this VERY lazy woman, who did virtualy nothing all day except take 2 1/2 hour lunches. Then she took a 3 week vacation and when she came back, she wrapped up all of the back log of work before lunch on her FIRST day back, then went for her 2 1/2 hour lunch. And to think that goe’s on in the US Goverment! That is why I am NOW in private practice, and do NOT want to go back to goverment, unless of course I become a JUDGE. If I decide to be a PROFESSOR of LAW, I will NOT work in a public University (b/c that is goverment), but at a private school like my Alma Matter, where I am apreciated and there are NOT alot of dead wood peeople on the payroll. For now, I need to get MARRIED and have a child, so I can get Grandma Leyeh to be happy and give me $50,000. YAY!!!!!!

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