Tuesday, August 20, 2013

like Paul MacCartney (but w/o the money

We have the "mini-FOOEY" now? What with doubel, tripel, quadrupel, and super-FOOEYS, the gradations just keep gradating. 

Most notabel here is that Sam apparently already know's about Grandma Leyeh's offer ($50k in the event that Ellen get's married and knocked up extremely soon). By my calculations, we're looking at an October 2014 deadline. Yet he is "amused"? Not "disgusted" or "terrified"? Yet more on the side of keeper for this one, say I.

Hug’s to you. I agree with your approach, tho implementeation by her will be difficult, b/c most alchoholic’s do NOT want to admit they have a probelem to begin with. This is sad, but I hope your approach works!
Alan never admitted he was a drunk, even when he was throwing up in my apartement, and when he was having difficulties in the bedroom. FOOEY on all of that now, but it is a side effect of drinkeing. He I think is still drinkeing, b/c I saw him downtown at a restrarunt with that girlfreind of his, and he had a bottel of wine on the table and he looked smashed. DOUBEL FOOEY.
Sam does not drink I do not think, so that is a plus, and he has manner’s that Alan never had. I still have to deal with that British accent — he kind of sound’s like Paul MacCartney (but w/o the money — mini FOOEY). He talked about haveing a family, so that is a good thing, and he was amused by my Grandma’s $50,000 proposition. I do NOT have alot of time so I should ask him over so Dad can meet him. Dad has been pushing for a while, so mabye he might like Sam. I am just not sure.
This sound’s to compliecated. I have ONE account where all of my money goe’s in and come’s out of. Dad manage’s it for me and he gets the statement’s for me and reconcile’s my account each month. This way, all I have to do is get an e-mail from him telling me how much money I have, and how much I can spend each week. Dad is getting a littel tired of manageing me every month; that is why he wants to palm me off on a guy who will MARRY me and do this so he can retire to North Carolina and teach at Duke. He also wants to re-connect with his old Service buddie’s down there, like the Kommendant. I think that guy was funny, but would NOT want to know what he has done for the last 30 year’s. FOOEY!
Good luck on manageing your money, but my advise is to keep it simple, and have your dad take care of it for you if you do NOT have a smart husband to do it for you. YAY!


  1. Mini-FOOEY might be my new favorite Ellen-ism.

    1. PS it's January :)

    2. Yes, I think mini-FOOEY encourages us to keep life's lesser troubles in appropriate perspective.

      Great to see you, January!