Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My DAD and I am big proponants of EDUCATION.

I suppose this title was served up too easy, but oh well. 

It's nice to finally have a complete roundup of Dad's credential's (though ideally we'd know the fields for all of these degrees too, as well as years, institutions and, for the military, title). 

There are ALWAY’s PLUSSES and MINUSSES associated with changeing jobs. You have the familiar (where you are now) and the unfamiliar (where you may wind up goeing). So my advise is to think about it and NOT to jump to soon b/c you want your resume to look like you have SOME stability.
Moreover, My DAD and I am big proponants of EDUCATION. You sound young, so NOW is the time to get the education. MBA is good for someone who does NOT want to be a JD. While you are YOUNG, let them give you money for the MBA and the time to study. You are right, b/c alot of places work you so hard you can NOT study for the MBA, even if they paid for all of it.
My dad got a BS, an MS, an MBA and a PHD, and in all of them he got either the school or the places he worked to pay for it b/c they needed for him to be a researchear or a teacher when getting those degrees. When he was in the milieary, they paid for him to take some advanced non-degree program at HARVARD even after he had a PHD. Dad always says I should do this if the manageing partner will pay for it.
Finaly, if you have the MBA before you get married, you can alway’s have a fall back to go back to if you want to work after you start haveing babies. That is why I personaly prefer to have babies and a part time job later, probabley as a JUDGE at this point. But first, I need to find the right guy, and hopefuly it is SAM, if he stops pickeing his nose! FOOEY!
I am very busy with Margie planning the party, so I have to call her. Have a great day to all at the HIVE! YAY!!!!

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  1. You are a good egg, Ellen. Never sell yourself short. You deserve a real man. You will find one.