Wednesday, August 28, 2013

or I will get BUNNION’s

This remind's me of the post revealing that Margie has BUNION'S and that Ellen seemed to believe they were contagious. Hence the decision not to take a raise in the form of hand-me-down shoes from MP's house. Lourine had broached this issue as well, just a few days earlier. 

Highlight below: a rare instance of pattern recognition and critical thinking. You couldn't necessarily practice law on this, but I'm impressed.
I have very W-I-D-E feet — not big feet, but wide feet. My dad says that when I was a baby, all of his freind’s called me Daisy Duck, b/c I was just learning to waddle and my feet kept me from tippeing over!
It is NOT to dificult to find shoe’s for me, but sometimes the very styleish shoe’s simply do NOT come as wide as I would like so I just squeeze into them. Mom says I need to look out or I will get BUNNION’s but so far so good. Dad says that my wide feet is genetic, as is my now wider tuchus, and they both come from MOM’s side of the family. It seem’s that every time some less attractive family trait is brought up, it turn’s out it is NEVER from HIS side of the family, but each time I hear about it, its from MOM’s side, and Grandma Leyeh is alway’s the original source of the information.
Rosa, on the other hand, has very normal/slim feet, so she can wear almost any shoe. Also, she was a ballerina as a young child, but gave it up long before she decided to get MARRIED and have kid’s. She still does alot of ballerina thing’s, and dad loves it. He does NOT like it when I try to imitate, b/c I am more clumsey, even with my duck feet. FOOEY!

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