Thursday, August 29, 2013

as part of direct cleint development

Solid reasons to be pissed at both Sam and MP. And while Ellen's allegiance to the boss man is absolutely indissoluble, the romance very well could go sour. Notice that complaint's about Sam's nose-pickeing trend upward every time he messes up in some unrelated way--here, contacting MP without clearing it with Ellen and then compounding the offense by inviting himself to the Hamton's party. 

Is anyone else concerned that perhaps, all along, Sam's motive has been just as pecuniary as the duo of patriarchs'? (Dad and MP, that is?) In other words, was Sam in this for the business connection from Day 1, texting and calling and smiling about Leyeh strictly out of duty until the day came when he could bypass the tuchus altogether and cut for what he really want's? It isn't an airtight case, but I see it building. 

Either way I admit I'm spoiling for a showdown, ideally in the middle of the party this weekend. Ellen has never gone so quickly from hopeful bride to tripel fooey, and I don't foresee a lot of fun for Sam as a result. Hell hath no fury and all that. 
I like this but the manageing partner does not reimburse unless he like’s it also. Right now, I am very busy with Sunday’s outeing on the manageing partner’s boat and Sam’s inviteing HIMSELF to the party thru the manageing partner. Evidently, I am not takeing him as my date, but the manageing partner has asked him to come as part of direct cleint development. FOOEY!
I was suposed to get credit for him as a potential new cleint, but now the manageing partner is claiming that since Sam called HIM, I should not be considered the development contact for Sam or his firm if they decide to throw us busness. DOUBEL FOOEY!
Actualy, I still dont understand why Sam called the manageing partner directly with OUT telling me first. I wonder if he think’s I am not professioneal enough to present to his firm first so that he can then bring me in AFTER the manageing partner does his schpiel to them, or if he think’s that he was goeing to suprise me by telling me that he is already signed on b/c of me being at the firm, but without consulteing me? I do NOT know what is worse. Tripel FOOEY!
It is goieng to be very odd with him comeing directly, b/c I am NOT going to drive out to the hamton’s with him. I am goeing to have ROBERTA take me b/c she has an SUV with leather seat’s and the radio does NOT have bouggers all over it. FOOEY! I will try to remain professional but am realy steamed at Sam. I wanted to count his firm as MY CLEINT, and now the manageing partner has HORNED in and claimed them for himself, even tho we do NOT even have any work from them yet. I do NOT know where to look when peeople here ask about that firm. Madeline is snickering already. FOOEY on her and her tuchus!

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  1. Sam is a successful guy who wants pretty arm candy, not an opinionated know it all that isn't worth the grief necessary to keep her from driving him nuts. If Ellen wants a successful guy, she will need to know when to keep quiet and not to challenge her man whenever he does not do what she wants. Even gorgeous model-types know that they catch a guy by being feminine, and doing what's desired in the boudoir for a man. Sure, their ROI isn't 100%, meaning that they'll have to perform for multiple men before one will agree to marry her, but what baseball player hits over .300? Not many.

    Ellen, to get married, should bone up on the Kamra Sutra, and put her yoga skills to work with Sam if she wants a kid any time soon, as looks fade, and she may already past her prime.