Monday, August 19, 2013

but his British accent is not sootheing to me

Weighing various romantic options: recall that MP's nephew, referenced in P. 3, is none other than the groping and bumbling HAROLD. It seems to me that he's been 23 for more than a year now, but regardless I agree the balding is probabley only going one direction from here. 

Meanwhile, again, Sam. I've highlighted Rosa's name below because I'm confused as to why she (Ellen's suburban housewife sister) would have intel on Sam's popularity with the ladies. Did Ellen mean to write "Myrna" there? Or should we take this to mean that Rosa just surmises Sam is a hot ticket due to his accent? (I don't doubt she's right.)

I agree with Pippi. I would LIKE to be MARRIED and have a husband to do the dishes and stuff in the celler, but now, I onley have an apartement in the city b/c I have a JOB in the city where I am earning money, and hopefully lookeing to find the RIGHT guy who will buy me a house in a place near ROSA like Chapaqua, and then we can have children and HE can work and I can raise the children in the suburb’s.
So I realy can NOT buy furniture or even alot of kitchen stuff, b/c there is NOT alot of room in the kitchen, even tho MOM send’s alot of food home with me when I go out to LI. I have a few recipees that I willtry on the RIGHT guy, but do NOT want the wrong guy that I will have to get divorced from. FOOEY on that. I need a guy with alot of money, a great job, and a great personalty who will be abel to complement everything that I bring to the table.
The manageing partner keep’s mentioning his nephew, but he is balding at age 23, so what will he be when he is 30? OMG, no way will my children be bald. DOUBEL FOOEY ON THAT!
Sam is OK, but his British accent is not sootheing to me, and I do NOT want to have to see his winkie all the time. Rosa says alot of women are after him b/c of his accent, but I am not seduced by that, nor his winkie. She said I would have to act fast, but I say I have to think that one out first. We will see. He does have a nice car tho.

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