Friday, August 9, 2013

That job must be SOOOOO Boreing!

Abundant thank's to Susedna. Here's what happened when I invited analogous imagery for MANAGEING PARTNER, for any who missed it the first time. But I always love a proactive reader!

Yay! Fruegel Friday’s! I love Fruegel Friday’s!
And I even love final sales, when they are so inexpensive-the worse that can happen is that it is not the best fit and you can give it to Good Will or the Salvation Army like I do!
Dad is takeing me to eat lunch with the Komendant in Langeley, and from there we are driveing home, finally! This has been a dull vacation, with him workeing and me sitting here at the Mariot busness center, talkeing to the front desk peeople and then sitting at the pool where the lifeguard has onley me to talk to. That job must be SOOOOO Boreing!
Dad has me all dressed up and he made me put on more mascara then I normaly would. He said he wanted me to be his little china doll–I am NOT anyone’s doll. I am an attorney with 5 year’s of expierence as a NY lawyer. FOOEY! If I wanted to be a bimbo, I would not have gone to law school but would have married any one of a number of geeke’s at GW that were after me.
I told dad that I was NOT goeing to be shy if the Komendant asked me questions, and he said it is better if I was just seen and not heard, or he would NOT take me. Of course I agreed, but I WILL talk if spoken to! FOOEY on Dad for makeing me out to be a china doll.
Dad has some prior releationship with the Komendant, I think when they were both in the service together. Dad does NOT talk about that much, but I am sure that he will tell me more once we have lunch with the Komendant. Unfortuneately, lunch is at Langeley, which Dad says we need a special pass for, so peeople off the street can NOT eat there. With my luck, the food will be LOUSY! FOOEY!
I will have to report back to the hive later today from my I-Phone, or mabye not until tomorrow when I will be back in the CITY, unless dad wants to go DIRECTLY to LI, in which case I will spend the weekend with him and MOM and drive out to DeRaimo’s for a Cheeze Calzone! YAY!!!

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