Tuesday, August 6, 2013

tho most were grunchy and / or wanted to date me.


Yay! The babies! We MUST see the babie’s! You have GOT to post picture’s of the Babies! I want a baby too! YAY!
I am at the busness center at the Mariot, and I do NOT have to use my Iphone to post. FOOEY! Virginia is VERY pretty, tho we are not in DC. Dad is busy today so I am left here at the pool and hotel. I can eat whatever I want today, b/c he will NOT be back until after 6. The guy at the desk think’s I am some model or something–I wish Dad heard that b/c DAD said to the other guy when we checked in that we need a soft chair in the room for my caboose, and looked at my tuchus. Some joke. FOOEY on Dad for lookeing at my tuchus! The lifegard at the pool was stareing at me yesterday, but I had my cute cover up on b/c I still have to loose 7 pounds before I show my batheing suit.
I get alot of text’s from Sam, but I am worried about his disgusting eateing habit’s. Dad says not to date a nosepicker b/c he could embaras me in a busness situation. He still wants to meet Sam tho. He said he would think twice b/f shakeing his hand.
Tomorow, dad is goeing to drop me at the Metro station and I will go in to DC myself. I think I may stop at my law school to see if any of the prof’s are still there. I did like a few tho most were grunchy and / or wanted to date me. FOOEY! I also might go to the Smithsonian, b/c dad says there is the Hope Dimond there, and I have alot of hope that I will get a dimond soon from my husband to be, whoever he is.
Vacation is fun, but the manageing partner keep’s sending email’s. Madeline does NOT know anything, and asks him the dummest question’s. I should ask for more vacation’s b/c I have to call to answer all her dumm question’s. FOOEY!

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  1. My guess is that Ellen is very pretty, but with a slightly heavy rear-end. If she ever is able to stay away from the dessert wagon for a few weeks, and she works out religously, she might really be a cover girl. For now, it seems that her sweet tooth will condemn her to a life where being overweight is OK for her, based on mom's genetics. Unfortunately, this is wrong, and will lead to a host of unnecessary medical complications once Ellen is over 40 or 45. She should revel in her good looks now, lose 10 pounds and keep it off, and then have her pick of men, instead of having to settle for those limited supply of men who are circling her now.