Monday, August 26, 2013

Is this a show stopper?

I think she may have meant "deal breaker," but at least she's understood. I actually would have liked to see some responses re considering marrying a guy who picks his nose...but alas. Just mania at the prospect of a phone call from Roberta. (And I join in it, by the way--make sure I'm next up, will you? I'm picturing Ask E. Jean from Elle Magazine.)

I love this bracelet! And it is NOT expensive either. I wonder if this is 18 Karat’s? As for the OP, Yes, you can live in NYC, but NOT in Manhattan. In NYC, You can live in Riverdale (it is the Bronx) near Roberta, and she has a great place near public transportation, and you are still in the City. Even tho it is the Bronx, it is not what you think of when peeople talk about the Bronx. There are trees, and you can even see the Hudson River! If you want I can get Roberta to call you, and she works as an attorney in-house.
You can also find alot of places in Long Island, and that is onley a train ride away on the LIRR, and there are plenty of places on the NORTH SHORE and the SOUTH SHORE. It all depend’s on which side of Jericho Turnpike you want to live, and if you like the Beach (Ocean – yay) or the Sound (not as much).
Sam said he was lookeing at places in Manhasset (North Shore) for a house. I hope he does not buy something cheep, b/c he is keeping his place in Tribecca, which I have never seen, but which MYRNA says is outragous. Myrna keeps pushing me to be romantic with Sam, but I just can NOT think of that yet. He has to make some kind of move first and even then, the boouger thing is alway’s on my mind. FOOEY!
What would the hive do about boougers? Is this a show stopper? Myrna says no, and mom says no, but I dare NOT ask Dad about this yet.

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