Thursday, August 8, 2013

What other drink am I suposed to drink at the Pool?

The major revelation today is that Dad's short-term gig, and reason for being in town, is the CIA. I (reluctantly and incredulously) told you so. I definitely look forward to hearing what questions the Komendant has for Ellen, if they differ at all from the lifeguard's, below. In the meantime, thanks Susie for maintaining discipline and perspective.

I do this when I do NOT want the doorman to be lookeing at what I am ordering. I do NOT care if Lynn or the Manageing partner look at the boxes that are shipped to the office, but the doorman alway’s wants to know what kind of clotheing I am getting and I think he is fixeated on me and my clotheing for some reason. Every time I come down, he alway’s compelements my clotheing, even when I am wearing sweatepants and a sweateshirt for walking with my FITBIT on weekends. I look like a mess b/c I am goeing to walk and sweat and then go to the NYSC to work out and sometimes shower (b/c the creepy guy does NOT work weekends).
Today, I am at the Hotel again. Dad will NOT let me go to the CIA with him today b/c I would have to sit in the visitor’s area. I WILL get to go tomorrow, because he is just haveing lunch with the Komendant, and he said I could go if I promise to keep from talking and just look cute. I said OK, but I will of COURSE answer questions that the Komendant has for me. After all, I am an attorney in good standeing in the State of New York, and that has GOT to be unusual here in Virginia.
Today, I am goieing to order another Pina Colada (yay) even tho dad says no. What other drink am I suposed to drink at the Pool? The lifeguard asked me if I was a model, so I said mabye in my next lifetime. He laughed.
I do NOT have much else to report. The Uno Pizza was FANTASTIC. I strongley recomend it to any of the hive that LOVES CHEEZE and MUSHROOM’s and DEEP DISH! YAY! Dad did NOT even scowl when I ate a third piece from the large PIE he ordered, b/c I specifically ordered DIET SODA, not ICE TEA which has alot of sugar in it.
Have a great day–I am stuck here in the business center, so mabye I will post later. YAY!!!!!
  • I hope you’re getting your steps in, because the average pina colada has over 600 calories. Not to mention 3 slices of deep dish. Keep this up and you’ll be lucky if even a nose picker will propose to you.

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