Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I can’t go out and find peeople on the street with WC issue’s

Ellen is serving up the classics today, no? Earlier we had the many-O'ed OOOOGEL, and now she's again putting the word "bodice" to dubious use. She's been doing this forever and ever! See here, here, and here.

SO MUCH is rideing on Dad's impression of Sam at this upcoming cookout. I'm not optimistic about his reaction to the veganism, but money can trump just about anything for Mr. Barshevsky and this guy, while no Paul McCartney, does have it. I suggest eggplant, portobellos, zucchini, squash, or to keep up appearances perhaps vegan veggie burgers/tofurkey hot dogs. UPDATE: Agree that silvercurls did a bang-up job on the response. If Ellen didn't see it before, hopefully she see's it now!

I love the color and the cut, but I can NOT wear slack’s in the summer OR TO COURT. And the optional skirt, with a tight leather bodice, is NOT something I could wear in the summer either. FOOEY b/c it is VERY cute and I will show ROSA. Even tho she does NOT work, Ed likes to have her dress formally so that he can take her out with his cleint’s — she is even more engageing then I am with new cleint’s.
On that score, the manageing partner says I need to get NEW cleint’s. It is NOT good enough that I keep getting NEW cases from my existing CLEINT’s — he says we NEED TO GROW. I agree, but we do DEFENSE work and that mean’s I can’t go out and find peeople on the street with WC issue’s. He want’s me to teach a CLE where there will be CORPORATE CLEINT’s there. He figure’s that if I talk about WC issues and these CORPORATE’s need us to do the heavy lifting for them, I can get hired. He is probabley right, b/c the in-house peeople usueally give the heavy stuff to us to do. We have to face the judge’s who are usueally VERY temperemental. We have to know how to handel these judge’s, not them and they are happy to just come to the court, even to sit quietely in the back while WE do all the talkeing. YAY!
Dad wants to meet Sam, and he told me to have him drive me out to the house on Saturday. He said he would grill up some steak until I reminded him that Sam was a VEEGAN. FOOEY!
So now, I have to ask Sam first what he would like Dad to grill for him. If anyone in the HIVE has idea’s please let me know, so I can make a good impression and have him MARRY ME! YAY!!!!

Silvercurls :
Ellen, Your DAD can gril Veggetablez. Maybe even some tofu if you’ve marinated it for a long time. Marry sam but only if he’s really a GOOD Person, you know, a MENTSCH! Yay!

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