Thursday, August 1, 2013

it is suposed to be good.

I'm pretty sure Ellen has recommended to other Corporette reader's not to get an MBA and instead to get a CPA, despite the fact that ex-boyfriend Alan has one already. This suggests that Alan was a contrasting story and does not have an MBA. 

Jack Welch is not the first celebrity executive Ellen has indirectly offered to marry. I assume that both he and Lloyd Blankfein would contact me if interested.

I do NOT have an MBA (Alan I think may have), but he told me to read the book from Jack Welch, who used to work at GE. I forgot the name but it is suposed to be good. He wound up getting a divorce b/c he was interviewed for a magazine and the woman wound up marrying him.
If I were her, I would NOT have to work now. FOOEY!

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