Saturday, August 17, 2013

he could DISAPEAR

I'm pretty much convinced at this point of the singular identity across Ellen, all alternate name's, and the recurring commenter of varying monikers (weak rhyme!) who so often graces us at ELLENWatch. Compare this comment with the highlighted area/notion below.
    • Yay! Open thread’s! I love open thread’s! As for the OP, I am confused. I get it that you are not physical with “hubby”, and that all of a sudden you have an emotional connection with this new guy, but if he actually touched your lady garden, is NOT this itself, ipso facto, cheating on hubby? Unless he talked only, I think you might have ALREADY crossed that line — not that it is that terible, b/c I understand that can happen.
      There were so many guy’s in college who wanted to have sex with my lady garden, but I would NEVER let them do anything with their hands or any part of their bodie’s, especially their winkie’s, b/c they always said they needed to do that for their own good, but I said NO WINKIE without a ring on my PINKIE (or better yet ring finger), and they NEVER gave me that ring so they had to find some where ELSE FOR THEIR WINKIE’s! YAY! b/c I would NOT want to have to clean up after them and especialy not in my room. FOOEY!
      In your case, since hubby is a good father, do NOT abandon him in the hope that this new guy will take his place. He could be JUST like the guy’s I am talking about. He could just want a place for his winkie, and once you give it to him, he could DISAPEAR. FOOEY! Leaveing you with no hubby and alot of sheet’s to wash. DOUBEL FOOEY!

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