Saturday, August 17, 2013

if you have a smart dad, ask him.

Further tax advice, since she's had a few hits in this vein already. I don't think peeple were as grateful this time, however.

It is easy. My dad did it for me and it is DEDECUTIBLE on my taxe’s too! YAY. What you have to do is have a portion of your apartement (or house, if you have one), dedicated EXCLUSIVELEY for BUSNESS. You can NOT use it for pleasure or personal things. If you have a desk, a computer, a chair, a file drawer, and a garbage can, you can deduct a PRORATA share of ALL expenses for your OFFICE! That mean’s rent, maintnenece, common charges, tip’s to the hired help, phone bills, electric bills and cable bills (but ONLEY if you have a TV in there that you ONLEY watch educational things on).
My dad does my taxe’s and by moving out my personal stuff from a part of my apartement, I am saveing a few THOUSAND DOLLARS a year in taxe’s! YAY!!!!!
Dad is very smart and he does my taxe’s, so if you have a smart dad, ask him. Otherwise you should go to HR Bloek, and they can tell you the same thing. If you want a good INTERNET start, look here!
This is from the IRS, so it has to be right!

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