Wednesday, August 28, 2013

There is nothing wrong with eateing alot of chocolate at this time.

I like "at this time" here; it almost sounds military in its precision and legitimacy. Maybe I'll do a framed needlepoint. 

Ooooh! I love TAHARI! As for the OP, hug’s to you! If they did not call you back, you do NOT want to work there anyway! FOOEY on them! Veronique is RIGHT. There is other job’s, just like there willbe other boyfreind’s, b/c they need us as much (IF NOT MORE) then we need them. DOUBEL FOOEY!
There is nothing wrong with eateing alot of chocolate at this time. You can work it off later. You will find another boyfreind. Look at me. I had a job, but my ex abused the privilege of having ME as his girlfreind, so I lost him to alcohohol, and was without a boyfreind for along time, and now this guy Sam is pursuing me. He has a job and money and a car and the onley thing is that he pick’s his nose alot. FOOEY! But dad wants me MARRIED and MOM says he could be OK if he control’s his NOSE pickeing. I have NOT even slept with him but Dad wants me to marry him. I did see his winkie when he sat down, but I do NOT think he was doeing that to flash it to me. I hope he is goeing to keep sending chocolate’s, but this will all come true for you too. I am sure you will find a guy and with any luck, you can marry him and have kids and he can work while you watch the kids and you can get a nice house and your own car. That is what I want so I want for you to have it also. YAY!!

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