Sunday, August 4, 2013

I will have to see what the exhibit is at the Smithsonian, b/c I love their exhibit

An anonymous commenter points out that Ellen should keep her eyes peeled for a husband when she and Dad stop off at Princeton. I regret not raising this pointer myself and hope it isn't too late.

Yay! Open threads! I love Open thread’s!
For the OP, please note that not all attorney’s are competent, even if they are member’s of the bar. Just b/c you have been admitted does NOT mean you are good at peeople skills. That is NOT on the bar exam.
I alway’s hesitate to offer LEGAL advise to my family b/c they always ask, but then do NOT want to pay for representation. The manageing partner said to me my first day NEVER to do any legal work for NOTHING, even PRO BONO work. He said he does NOT want to do any PRO BONO work ever b/c no one ever gave him anything. He paid his OWN way thru law school.
Dad is comeing at 4, so I am wrappeing up my work and handing over some pending matter’s to Madeline. She does NOT have to make any appearences for me in court b/c the judge is out for the first 2 week’s in August. YAY! Madeline does NOT do well on her feet, the manageing partner says. She has much better experience sitting behind a desk, and has a gas problem. FOOEY!
Dad says if we get on the road by 4:30, we should make it to Princeton before 7, and he has dinner reservation’s at some club with this guy. I will get to go to, but not on Monday when we go to Virginia. He told me he would either drop me off at the Smithsonian, or I could just stay at the pool at the Mariott. I will have to see what the exhibit is at the Smithsonian, b/c I love their exhibit.
Have a great weekend, Hive! I have to pack up and watch Frank stareing at me. Doubel FOOEY!

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  1. There was an article from a woman Princeton grad whose kids were there now. She thought the women needed to snare men while in College, which I think she did. But she too is now getting divorced. There is no set formula for finding the "right guy". Most guys (like women) are not perfect fits, but with some patience, you can learn to live with a guy's quirks.