Monday, August 26, 2013

covered in petrified boouger’s

Yep, things proceeding apace. I particularly like Mom's affirmation that nose-picking doesn't matter as soon as Ellen gets her Beemer. (Does anyone use that term anymore?) Further, confirmation that Dad is getting so serious so quickly because he wants out of the duty to manage Ellen's accounts, aaaaand we know somebody's age with certainty for what is I think the first time ever. 

Speaking of age, I don't know where this "much older" is comeing from. With Ellen having been born in '80 or '81, they have less than a handful of years between them. I suppose if she wants to start vanity-aging herself I will face ethical quandaries about whether to play along.

I would LOVE to be abel to wear Manolo’s but I do NOT have alot of money and if I did, then peeople would think I have alot of money and I do not YET. If I marry a guy with alot of money, then mabye he will let me buy Manolo’s, but for the time being, I have to rely on Anne Klein, Zara and a few other outlet’s for my clotheing, even with the clotheing allowance.
Sam is very anxious to pursue me, and when he drove me back to the city, he hinted that we should maybe go to the Hamton’s together this weekend. I told him that I had plan’s (I do NOT), b/c I do NOT want to look like I am to availabel for him. He told me we could go after Labor Day if I wanted and I said mabye.
Dad gave Sam a list of thing’s he wanted answer’s to, but Sam will not share that list with me. It is clear Dad is trying to get Sam to take over my finance’s, b/c he work’s for a big investment house and know’s alot about money management. Sam asked me what the carrying charge’s are on my apartement is, but I said I did not know. He talked about renting out my apartement as a source of income, and the onley way that would make any sense is if I did NOT live there. And the onley way I would not live there is if I had to move out and I would onley move out if I got a job out of town, or got MARRIED (mini-yay), but to the right guy.
The onley thing I am totally skeeved about is the nose picking. Dad did not see it, but I did. I also saw his car, and the push butten’s on his dash board radio are filthy and I think covered in petrified boouger’s. I told mom about that and she said not to worry, b/c Sam would surely buy me my OWN BMW SUV to shuttel around town with the kid’s.
Well that could fix the car, but what about our house? Would I have to find boouger’s everywhere I turned in the house? I do NOT want to be finding that inside the refrigerator, or worse, in the bedroom. I want to be clean and he would need to stop doing that. At his age (36), he should know better, but since he is much older then me, I have dificulty haveing him take me to seriousely. He just consider’s me some kind of cute plaything to show around (like Ed does with Rosa).
He was told by Dad that Ed and Rosa need to see him, as well as Grandma Leyeh. OMG, what will happen if they start askeing alot of questions? FOOEY!

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