Saturday, August 17, 2013

Peeople will be jerk’s but we know that

We knew that Dad controlled Ellen's bank accounts and did her taxes--thus no surprise, but new information, that he also handels her credit cards. Here is also further support for my projection that he will ever only yield this power to another man, i.e. when Ellen gets married.

Ellen :
To the OP, you should do your best to let go of any anger you have to peeople b/c no one is perfect; far from it! Do as I do — Just say FOOEY! and move on. YAY!
I love the saddle bag, but very expensive and dad would get very mad if he sees this on my credit card bill (which he see’s and pay’s every month for me). For the OP, I could get mad at dad for alway’s saying things about my weight, but I know he is saying this b/c he wants me to be slim and healthy and find a guy to MARRY me so he can retire and give my husband the responsibility to MANAGE my fineances. So I let his coments pass.
For example, Dad said over the weekend when I put on a batheing suit that my legs and tuchus look’s like a SADDLE BAG that need’s to be emptied. Could I get mad at him for saying this? Of course, but I do NOT b/c he loves me and want’s me to find a guy, which I can more easily do with a smaller tuchus. He always point’s to ROSA, who was alway’s more PETITE then me and has a great tuchus even after having kid’s! She landed ED, b/c Ed wanted a beauty who he could show off at the office and on the golf course with his CLEINT’s. ROSA does not have to work, b/c Ed makes alot of money and has a nice house in Chapaqua, NY. Mabye when I find a guy, he will NOT care about my tuchus and he will make alot of money so I dont have to work, but I cannot think to much about it.
For now, just take thing’s as they come. Peeople will be jerk’s but we know that. Just say FOOEY! to them and then move on to other more productive thing’s. That is what I do and so far, it has worked. Once I find a guy who will adore me and marry me, I will be VERY happy! YAY!!!!!

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