Thursday, August 1, 2013

without getteing see-sick

The relatives Ellen is hopeing will not attend MP's Labor Day party presumably include Harold and his father (MP's brother). I'm not aware of other ooooglers in his family, but would not be surprised either.

See-sickness is another frequent Ellen theme.

OMG, I would have to have SAM buy me this satchel, it is to expensive for my wallet, and dad would disown me if I spent so much on a satchel! Dad is alway’s complaining about my tuchus being like a satchel, and he talks about my tuchus coming from my MOM and her side of the family. FOOEY! Rosa has the same parents, but she does not have mom’s tuchus. It is more like Grandma Leyeh’s tuchus. But I got Dad’s BRAINS! YAY!!!!
Dad is takeing me with him next week on a special assignment he got, and the manageing partner is giveing me a littel time off from work b/c he will be there until LABOR Day, and he want’s me to start thinkeing about the firm party on his boat. Margie should be handeling the details and food, but I am to think about the entertainment. The boat will be docked most of the time and we can have our food on LAND, then go for a boat ride, or the OTHER way around. I think it depends on WHEN in the day we will be there. Margie think’s she wants everyone there at 11:00 am so we can have a full day b/f goeing home.
I think with 15 people + Guest’s drinkeing and eateing, we should do the Boat FIRST, b/c I do NOT want to think about VOMIT on the Boat! DOUBEL FOOEY! Who knows if everyone can even go on the OCEAN without getteing see-sick. FOOEY! Madeline I realy think should be OK, she has a tuchus like a boat anchor, so as long as she sits still, the BOAT will NOT rock much. And Frank can sit over the engine, where it is NEVER cold. The tax attorney’s are nerdy, and I have to make sure that Roberta will be abel to go. She has been mad b/c we have NOT gotten together, but I need more cases from her first I said! Jim is comeing and he want’s to ride out with me. Mabye I said to him, but I need more cases from him too. I hope Margie does NOT invite the relatives b/c they like to stare at me and it makes me self consious. FOOEY!
I should be abel to check in a few times next week on my I-phone, but it will be a littel more difficult then if I carried my MACBOOK with me. FOOEY! Have a nice week off to the HIVE!!! YAY!!!!!

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  1. The boat trip should be fun. Do I recall that Harold was the one that grabbed her breasts or her tush the last time they were together?