Wednesday, August 7, 2013

and we will go to UNO PISSERIA!

This is the backstory of Ellen's Tort's professor (link)--though the retaliation for not dateing him was only a B, whereas in one of her Tax classes she pulled a D+, allegedly for the same reason. Of course, some of us who frequently review Ellen's writing and reasoning skills may wonder if these grades were duly earned, or even if the B was a bit of a favor (with a wink) from this admiring old man.

Did she ever get to Georgetown to do some damage on Dad's tab? Also, any plans to loose 7 pound's and hit the beach with Sam? 
I would give 2 weeks notice and that’s it. It’s not that you are goeing to come back and it’s alot of time. I went to GW and bumped into my tort’s prof. He got fat and sloppy lookeing! And to think he wanted to date me, and if I married him I would have to sleep with THAT?!? FOOEY! It’s luckey I decided I did not want to date him. I think he did not give me a good grade b/c I would not date him!! DOUBEL FOOEY!
I cannot imageine wakeing up to him, cookeing for him, cleaneing up after him! All b/c he know’s tort’s!!! Oh my god! He wants to meet me for dinner with my dad b/f we go home. I have to make sure we do NOT meet him. I could NEVER have sex with him!
I saw the museum today. The security guard said to me I was the best thing he saw all day. I have to tell dad. He will meet me at the metro stop at 5:45 and we will go to UNO PISSERIA! Yay! Deep dish pizza! Yay!
SAMs texts keep showeing up on my screen! I wonder if he has a job other then texteing me! If onley he didn’t pick his nose! FOOEY!

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