Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I spent the morning at the pool and had a pina colada YAY

We've never known much about Ellen's taste in alcoholic beverages, and I don't believe she drinks much, but it makes sense that especially when Dad is paying she gets the biggest calorie bang per buck. Also, way to go AIMS! I'm not sure this longtime regular has ever been Ellen-bombed before, but she handelled it in a beautifully clucking way.

As for my lazy theorizing that Dad's business this week is with the CIA, lazy web research suggests that "commandant" could suggest that I'm right or that I'm wrong. 

Finally, DC-area ELLENWatchers please look out if shopping in Georgetown tomorrow. I suspect (hope?) Ellen's heading out on a vengeful spree--I could say with Dad's credit cards, but more likely it's with her own and he will still be indignant. Maybe both for good measure. 

Yes, they are VERY inexepensive, but are they LEATHER? I hope so! Dad called to say he was comeing back to the hotel early b/c the Komendant was leaveing early. What is a Komendant? He said it twice, so I am Sure he meant it, and I have NO IDEA what he is talkeing about!
I spent the morning at the pool and had a pina colada YAY, charged to the room so Dad can see I was not just shoppeing. There is no place near the hotel to shop anyway. I think that is why he picked this place. If I go into DC tomorow, I will be sure to go to Georgetown, b/c there are alot of places to shop and eat. Even Union Station has places now, tho it used to be a littel dumpy. We will see.
I think I will see if Sam want’s to meet me after I get back on Saturday. Myrna is out of town this week at some FINANCEIAL SYMPOSSUM. She texted me that she will likely stay the weekend there, in Las Vegas. FOOEY!
  • OMG, Ellen, as if I would ever buy pleather shoes. Patent leather upper and leather lining. You are never going to get married or make partner if you don’t start paying better attention to details. It’s right there in the description.


  1. Sympossum? OMG, I never went to one of these before! I wonder if Myrna will meet an opossum, or maybe a muskrat?

    1. Thank you. I greatly appreciated this spelling as well.