Tuesday, August 27, 2013

“I don’t like to see starveing lawyer’s!”

Finally, confirmed: Ellen showed her tuchus at the beach over this past weekend, with Sam, and TBOK she did not loose 7 pound's in preparation. It seems like one by one, the barriers to this union are falling away: Dad seems ready to finalize, Sam isn't afraid of Grandma Leyeh, and now Ellen's weight and hip measurements seem to be considered a plus.

Btw, the reason Ellen's no longer welcome at Bloomie's Carpet Department (see below) is that she apparently scraped dog poop off on their wares a few months ago. Manhattan ELLENWatchers, does this mean some Bloomingdale's staff would be able to describe Ellen for us, or even show us a picture (for purposes of banning her from the sales floor?) Anyone planning to stop by on lunch break?

I love the blue plaid dress! I could go to Bloomie’s to try it on, but I will NEED to stay away from the Carpet Departement b/c they know me now. FOOEY!
Sam sent over a big box of cookie’s from CRUMBS! Yay! (but my dad would be furius if he found out b/c he wants me to make my tuchus shrink, not grow). So in the spirit of shareing, I put the box out on Lynn’s desk and everyone is grazing on the assortement of cookie that Sam sent. He onley said one thing. “I don’t like to see starveing lawyer’s!” He must think I am very svelte and want’s to turn me into his Thanks giving turkey? He did see my tuchus on the beach and he must have liked what he saw I guess. I won’t tell dad about the CRUMB’s cookie’s b/c dad is not happy that my FITBIT useage has gone down. That is b/c I have been VERY busy with my case work and have NOT been abel to walk to work in the morning.
I have a depo at 11:00, but have to go to the courthouse do it b/c the plaintiff will NOT come to our office. His counsel, a lawyer named JAY, say’s he does NOT want him here, and he does NOT even have an office of his own. FOOEY!

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  1. What is TBOK?

    I think Ellen needs to seal the deal quick with Sam. To get a ring and a kid, she should give fully of herself now, submitting to all of his fantasies. Once she gets the run, she can cut back a little but must make sure he can impregnate her by not wasting time on no procreational sex. After she is pregnant she can take a break if she wants, and after the baby she can maintain the marriage with regular conjugal activity but need not share the same bed if the booger issue remains. Should they stay married for at least 10 years, she should be able to pick up a hunk of his change even with a prenup because a court will have enough to split just for the years the two shared connubial bliss under one roof as DH and dutiful spouse.